I created a Web Photo Gallery Page in PSP5.5 and now am ready to publish for the first time. I have downloaded 'cuteFTP' and have been working with it on a 'NetFirms' site that I have just to practice.

I will be uploading to "Homestead" as PPSV does not use a hosting company no oh no's and I don't want any banners ads as other sites use (NetFirms, etc). Homestead only has a narrow banner at the bottom and great tech support, so we will be there for awhile. But I ramble...

My Question is: PSP makes the Gallery Page into 4 files and a web page that all are located within one file that you designate. When I then loaded the entire file at //www in cuteFTP, the page loaded fine but the images were not visible.

I need help in a basic way...how to make the 4 files and web page published on the web and what would be the URL Name. I have looked for tutorials but none have these basic answers.

Thanks for any and all help

PPSV's WebKat
Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley