What I want to do is way too complicated to be done by the average mortal. Me being an average mortal, I can’t do, so you see my dilemma. That is why I’m asking you kind soles to talk pity on me, open up you favorite editor, and code away.

Here’s what I need; a script that:

∙ Dynamically reformats one page into an indefinite number of smaller pages, determinant by screen size/resolution.

∙ Places a link at the bottom of the ‘page’ to go to the next ‘page’.

∙ Does not divide up any elements (other than the <body>

∙ Is future compatible/uses the DOM (I’m not too concerned about backwards compatibility.)

∙ Reproduces the header and footer on every ‘page’.

∙ Is completely accessible so it’s one external file and so that those without JavaScript will see the normal page, complete with the header and footer.

∙ Must work with numerous stylesheets, and must print intact.

Now, you may ask “Well, Ian, why don’t you just split it up over many pages when you first write the page?” Well, I:
1) Want those who do not have JavaScript to have the whole page at their disposal.
2) Want it to print out intact.
3) To reduce server load from needless relays.

Anyone and everyone who can pull this off will get complete credit for the script on the site, a descriptive page about you and the script, link(s) to your own site, another e-mail alias, and a testimonial from me. Sorry, that’s pretty much all I have to offer, right now. Ohhhh, you’ll also get my everlasting admiration and worship, and that’s not too shabby, after all.

~~Thanks to All