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    I am trying to create a football schedule

    I am a novice at create webpage so please bear with me. I am trying to put together a Schedule page for a football league website. I have uploaded the table. (Team_schedule ) to my mysql database via ms access. OK.

    Then I created the connection in dreamweaver so it would help with the php coding. Ok it works.

    Now Id like to repeat the table info ok done.

    However when I put the record set in the table, I cant get the table to Not expand, with the text. I need it to remain the same size I define using the design view.

    Here is a link to how Id like it to look

    Then when I tell it to show all records, it repeats all the records until it fills up the page.

    Can some one please help?

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    For future reference, don't give your threads vague titles like that.

    Anyway, you can try defining your table's cells' widths in pixels rather than percentages. Note, however, that if the text is unbroken (no line or word breaks) then no matter what you do the browser will expand the cell to fit the space that the text needs.


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