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    Standalone IE6 with DXImageTransform?

    Is there a standalone version of IE6 that includes DirectX Image Transforms? seems to no longer host any version. I tried the one has, but it's missing the dlls required for DXITs.

    So far I have tried..

    1. Uninstalling IE7 (thus enabling IE6) and copying the missing files from my system and finally combining them with the version - This seemed to have absolutely no effect at all

    2. Uninstalling IE7 and copying ALL the IE6 files manually - It keeps saying "Cannot execute Operating System (null)" (huh?)

    3. Copying the DX files from IE5.5 and combining them with the version - Again, this had no effect

    4. Downloading the newest IE6 and extracting the files from the installer - I don't know how to extract the files

    Obviously my best bet is still option 4, but, again, I have no idea how to extract the files.

    I would like to keep IE7 as my primary browser, too.

    I'd imagine others have encountered this issue before, so.. any solutions?


    Well, I decided to go with BrowserCam. Feel free to join:
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