I hope someone can point out my mistake.
I have a main container div (#central) holding a background image and centring the page in the browser window, however it has decided not to expand if the content requires the window to scroll.
I does have a min-height: 100%; applyed (and
/* Height \*/
* html #central {
height: 100%; /*Height for IE */
so it always fills the browser window, but even when I remove this it still won't contain the content, even with a <br clear=both/> below.

Site here CSS here

I have made the content area (#contcol) pink so I could see what is going on. Is the problem bue to this (#contcol) having to float on top of the div above it (#headimg), I did this to avoid splitting the images in bits.

Thanks for any insight, it's probbaly a silly mistake on my part.