I need a dediated server to host my vBulletin forums. It burns about 35 to 40 GB per month. At peak times it is UNUSABLE because it is so slow. My host says the calls to the mySQL database are causing a bottleneck and only a dedicated server can provide relief.

The problem I am having is the lack of all-encompassing info at the websites of dedicated servers. I have tried to email some questions, but the process is so slow. I get piecemeal answers from different sales reps... its like pulling teeth.

I need a dedicated server that is "like a shared server". In other words, I want my own control panel, and I want a technician on the other side of a phone if needed. It seems that dedicated server also means no tech support at times. And if you want a technician to manage your server, add $300. Just can't do it.

So, is there any way I can get a dedicated, managed, userfriendly, control-panel-enabled dedicated server that can handle 40GB transfer and a ton of mySQL DB calls, with techs that are at your beck and call and give you a warm fuzzy feeling, for $200 to $250 per month tops? Or am I out of my freaking mind and I should just close up my site now? Thanks for any help!