Right, well i got asked to "create a website" for a college project. I've just got unbored and decided to do a one.

Finished off the home page and then when it came to slicing them and putting them in Dreamweaver everything went wrong.

So i sliced them and then i went into dream weaver and dragged them accross, but that sorta all went wrong.....i wanted the Link Boxes i had ontop of the background but insted it put it next to it.

Now that is all wrong see the black was ment to be over the Grey
here's the website Home Page in Adobe.

So overall i need to know how to get ^^ that one As a website with active links etc...i am a noobie at this, but i have had no expeirence on making this website, i just got the software and went for it.

Please help. thank you for taking the time to read.