Hi, i'm trying to set up something that seems simple yet is evading me. I have a page that consists of two frames ('top' and 'bottom'). The top frame contains a javascript function that is used to start and stop playing mp3s via a flash file. The music is stopped by a user click using this command:

Here is the function itself:

Playa.doStop = function() {
	var p = Playa.__getPlaya();
	if (p != null) {
		p.SetVariable("remoteRequest", "Stop");
This all works just fine. Here's where the problem comes in... By clicking on a link in the 'bottom' frame, users can launch a new browser window that streams its OWN music upon launch, thereby competing with the music playing in the top frame of the parent window. What i need is to have this child window (on load) access the top frame of the parent window and run the 'Playa.doStop() function to stop the music.

I thought this would do it, but it's no good.
<body onLoad="MM_callJS('opener.top.Playa.doStop()">
Any insights would be golden.

Chairman Blow

p.s. this mp3 player thing is a nice, simple, customizable feature without all the bulk of some of the others i'd found.... if anyone's interested.
Playa streaming mp3 flash player . Not spamming... i have no affiliation with 'em.