When I enter the command "ruby script/console", instead of an irb
session beginning, I get the following error:

'require__': No such file to load -- 
./script/../config/../config/environment (LoadError)
This occurs in any rails project I create.

I'm a little new to Rails, but it appears to me that the path to the
required file is incorrect. The 'environment.rb' file is inside the
config folder, which is a sibling to the script folder, while the error
states that rails is looking for a config folder that is two levels up
from the script folder.

Since Rails runs on a 'convention not configuration' methodology, it isn't clear where I can make a change to fix this. It seems like Rails should be looking in './script/../config/environment' by default instead. Any ideas?

For reference, I'm running Rails 1.1.2 w/ Ruby 1.8.2 on an win32 machine
(for development).