I eagerly downloaded and installed the Zend Framework and just as eagerly started to make some simple apps with it, until I started wondering about using it on a live website.

What struck me is the lack of hosts that for one don't support PHP 5. The next thing that struck me was the recommended "application" layout, with the Framework not in the same directory that the application was being served from. The extra extensions it requires doesn't help either, like pdo. I just can't see the majority of hosting companies out there bothering.

I came to the conclusion that I probably wasn't going to be using the Framework for a long while yet, just because I'd need to spend for hosting that would allow me to configure the web server the way I wanted it.

Is it all too early? Have you been looking into the Zend Framework? Unfortunately I think it's heading to be a great piece of software, it's just a pity it seems I won't be able to use it.