I WILL get the hang of this soon!!!!!

OK it seems to me that whether I am using my own internet merchant account or I am using one of these guys to take payments for me and send me a cheque (with higher per transaction fee's) I really only need ONE person in each scenario right?

For example it could be worldpay.. Or Verisign.. right?

Also any one use world pay?

Also the one other thing I cnanot get my head round is the secure server bit..

So I guess as soon as you go to the "put in cc details" page it has to be secure. Does the payment provide host this page (I think they would in the first scenario).. If not do you just get the server to become secure on the credit card page?

Sorry for all the questions.. I am just trying to get my head around this thing..

I read a tutorial on webmonkey and now I am 10x confused lol..

I think I am gonna concentrate on my business plan and then worry about this stuff but I DO need to know it so earlier = better..

Also does anyone know ehre there is a "sample" ecommerce business plan available?

I found loads of normal ones but a ecommerce one would be better.

LOL maybe I couldn't find any as none of them have one! They just borrow 10 million and spend it in 2 months lol..

Cheers guys!