Hi Friends!
In one line I wnat to create & run my very first ROR apps but... no luck.
Well the problem is I'm not even able to install ROR. (Please keep in mind I don't have any idea to configure and run apache)

Presently I'm using apache2triad 1.5.4 (apache2triad.net) and trying to configure ruby on that.

First thing is there any way to put my .rhtml files in "htdocs" folder and run it?

I've tried http://mpcon.org/apacheguide/ruby.php but at last when I tried http://localhost:3000, it gave me "bad handshake" error with some zunk charachters. Where I was wrong.

When I tried "InstantRails-1.3-win.zip" it worked but apache2triad(php, mysql) was no longer availble during that.

What is "#!c:/ruby/bin/ruby", is ror needs a dedicated folder to run (like perl-cgi as "cgi-bin"), if yes how I'll be able to run my .rhtml files from the root of my site just like php.

Any ideas, suggesstions, online resources will really help me a lot. I want to comfortable enough using ROR just like PHP.

At least give me a idea how can I run my first "Hello world!" code using ROR at my local server with Internet Browser.

Please help me!