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    Unhappy stolen logo!!! grrrr

    I recently designed a logo for a #website. The request came from another forum (graphic competition). Anyway, I sent in my design but recieved no response. I went to the #website forums
    only to find that someone else had posted my logo and claimed it as their own design. Below is the response I made, was just wondering If I handled it correctly and what else I should do about it. (and what your opinions on the matter are)
    if you want to see the forum, it is here .

    fatso, that image looks awfully familiar. In fact that is a logo that I designed for gsm forums after reading a post at SiteOwners Forums, thepost is here . I then sent an email to the admin address supplied. I have pasted a copy of the first email I sent and the reply I recieved. I also have 2 psd versions of this file, and a number of people who saw me make it. I suggest that you remove fatso's post immediately.


    Yes, I wont the same bg color in the logo so it sits in perfectly - same sort of size as the current one (not exceeding 78 pixels in height) with similar colours. My forums are Nokia orientated so a small picture of a Nokia phone or part of a Nokia phone would be great i.e. buttons of a Nokia phone or somtihng like that!

    I look forward to your design(s)

    Many thanks

    [name removed]

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Blue Solace
    To: [name removed]
    Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 9:00 PM
    Subject: GSM LOGO

    Hi, was wondering if you still wanted your logo done?
    If you do can you answer a couple of questions:
    -do you want it the same size as the current one?
    -do you want something to do with mobiles(eg; a picture) as part of the
    -do you want it the same colours?

    Blue Solace Design does not give permission for any section of [name removed] to use any graphics created by Blue Solace Design. This includes the above mentioned logo. If it is found that [name removed] has infringed the copyright laws that protect our graphics and designs then legal action will be pursued.

    I am really quite peeved as this is only the 4th logo design contest I have entered and have never had this happen to me before.
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    coiL, let me see if I have this correct:

    At SiteOwners Forums there was a Logo Contest. You sent in a Logo Design but *didn't* post in the forum notifying ReBaLaToR (Luks) that you were entering? I also notice that no one else has posted in that thread? (the link you posted here.) Or is there another forum (or thread) that was involved?

    Ok, 'fatso' is the person who you believe stole your logo? And you found out when you went to SiteOwners Forums? This means there is a thread where 'fatso' blatantly steals your logo?

    So you emailed both Luks and SiteOwners Forums and there was no response from either? Since you have the .psd's, I would think the forum managers would delete any post as soon as they get an email from you stating this.

    Do you think ReBaLaToR stole the logo? Or does ReBaLaToR believe 'fatso' sent in a legitimate logo?

    Ok, I am completely confused!


    This situation calls for 'The Legal Letter'. (or email.) Basically it goes like this:

    Dear [put fatso's actual name here],

    There has been a mix up, and an original logo that I designed was submitted to a logo contest under your name. The logo contest is being run by [name removed] for the website [link removed]. All my work is original and I retain the Copy Rights to it. I also have all the original Photoshop .psd files that prove ownership and origin.

    My Barrister (Lawyer, Attorney) has informed me that no legal action is necessary as long as my logo is deleted from your system and withdrawn from any contest it may have been entered in. He suggests you email the organiser of the contest and formally withdraw your entry.

    I understand that mistakes do happen. I'm looking forward to your help in resolving this situation.

    Sincerely, coiL
    If this email doesn't get results, next step is actually hiring a lawyer and *he* writes one of these. (On his scary lawyer stationery!)
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    i couldn't get to the first linkas well
    and didn't any posts but the guy requesting the logo and your reply telling him stealing logos will get u in trouble..

    ok..what did i miss here
    either's true u should contact site admin and inform him in a way...with proof. I believe he'll carryout the proper action.
    Glad to be BACK


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