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    window parameter help

    hey guys,
    I've got this image gallery that i want to display in pop up windows. The code i have been using so far is:

    ok now it works fine but i have two problems. 1)how do i put scrollbars on only the images that need them when they need them? and 2)can i forgo the trouble of making an html page and just insert say some.gif instead of some.html and avoid the whitespaces created by the padding. In short i am aiming for the 'cleanest' window and I dont want any whitespace on the new window just the image.

    Now the reason for part two is that unfortunately im using a free host and they stick their hideous banner on any html page. So, it would be great if I could just use the image itself and modify it so that only the image showed.

    sorry for the length of the post,
    Greg Shasta
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    New Window Parameters

    The simplest think you can do it use this script:

    <script language="JavaScript">
    // put this code in the header
    function openPopUpWindow(theURL,winName,features),winName,features);
    and then.... if you want user to click and pop-up to appear then use this sample as a guidence (its a link from image that pop's up new window):

    <a href="JavaScript:openPopUpWindow('Full_Image1.jpg','ImageWindowName','locati-on=No,status=No,scrollbars=No,resizable=No,width=XXX,height=XXX')">
    <img src="thumbs/image1.JPG" width="XXX" height="XXX" border="0"></a>
    replace the following:
    'Full_Image1.jpg' = to the FULL image name and URL (make sure you use single quote' to )
    for example: 'Kajol.jpg'
    'ImageWindowName' = just a title of the image.... you can just leave it as 'LoadingPleaseWait'
    (no sapce or _ or - or any other like ~#!` or (.) oh... no fullStops either)

    here are some meaning of whats what
    features => Meaning
    location=No => don't show browser Address bar
    status=No => Dont show the Status bar (handy if you dont want peole to know where the image is coming from... or where its stored)
    scrollbars=No => Don't allow user to scroll at all (set it to Auto if you want it only to show when a large picure is shown)
    resizable=No => Don't allow user to resize the window
    width=XXX => Important!: set this same as the image width
    height=XXX => Again Set this same as the image Height

    [you may need to set the width and height a bit more than original because of the windows border and so on.. but test it and see if you need to.]

    now that's all for the script
    and now for the Image user click:

    src="thumbs/image1.JPG" => where the thumb' file is
    width="XXX" => this is same as last time the image width
    height="XXX" => Again image height
    border="0" => Do you what a border wround the pic? N0 =0 else border="anyNumberHere"

    I hope that was clear and simple enough!

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    good explanation! i also remember seeing a script which would automatically open a window that was big enough (i.e size itself accordingly) at the -- shoot on over there and have a search around..
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