Hello everyone.

I have been talking to one of the support guys on Datex.net. They host nbc, hbo, yale college, and tons of other big sites/networks. Here is their deal:
1mbps (300 gigabytes of bandwidth)
Low level security

All for $950 monthly. Also for $2400, which they said is about to even drop more I can get:

Linux Red Hat
AMD Thunderbird Dual 1.4 GHZ
3x 36 Gigs SCSI Raid 5
2 Gigabytes of RAM

But right now I am a new reseller for Ventures Online (VO) and its very good, though I havn't gotten my friends to sign up yet...

Does anyone have Co-Location with VO? I mean, I've been talking to the guy at Datex.net since July 1st and feel really confident with it. And possibly save some more money and stuff with Datex, but maybe I could get more from VO?

Please I need a response ASAP since I am currently at school. I'll be back to cheak in about 3 hours if not. Later