I am a degree student in the UK just starting/planning to produce my dissertation.

However, I need some ideas as I cannot find any inspiration. Because I have decided to follow the database path (or work under my database and the web lecturer), the dissertation and what I produce must obviously involve a database - preferably one produced by me, as this is what I like to do and have become good at it, especially as I have family members who work in this area.

The ideas I have come up with all have their downsides, such as doing an ecommerce store with database, a search engine, and a data mining facility (but I can't find somewhere to order/freely obtain say 25gb of text data to make a database with - anyone got any ideas?

Also, if the work is A standard, which my work usually is (don't mean to show off or anything), then the work can be published and is commercial standard. So I want to do a project with commercial potential - so if I made a data warehouse with data mining facilities, it'd be commercially useless if the data was old and not true - in other words, made up.