I have resently installed a gd support on php4 on my windows platform and i just copyed the dll file into the DIR /extension and putted the required line
into php.ini

the php_info();

show that the GD support is enabled but itīs not working,

I tryed now to check with IF statement wheiter the module was on or not:

PHP Code:
IF (extension_loaded(php_gd.dll)) {
    print (
"yeah heīs loaded!");

    print (
"men! itīs not loaded!");

it return the false statement

but the Gd is working fine now beacause
i just loaded it directly with
before i loaded the GD syntaxes

Well this is a solution in the end

But why is it not working before i used the DL() ???

Do i have to recompile php? on a a windows platform?