Hi guys

heres the deal:

I open a popup window - this window/page has a list of the current polls that are active (I'm using sympoll, and I'm mighty happy so far ;-), and you click on the poll title to see it - so it'll look something like this to view poll 1:


To the problem:
There is a More polls link at the bottom of every poll, which is supposed to open the list of polls in the same window - this links to polllist.php - so what I did was hack the link with a bit of javascript, so the link "more polls" opens the popup window, and loads polllist.php into the popup - this is fine, and works well - if anyone wants the code, I'll send it (small, but nifty in php)....

so, what I would like to do is create another javascript function which reloads polllist.php in the popup window, and sets the page to it's default - 'cos once the "more polls" link is checked, there is no way to set the page to it's default.

Ideally this script/function would either fetch a new copy of polllist.php from the server, or would link to polllist.php?disp=

and thus set the page to it's default, displaying only the titles of the polls...

at the moment I'm using reload(), but once a poll has been viewed, reload() just reloads this poll in the page...

any ideas, or comments???

thanks boys and girls


btw - at 4:46 in the morning, there's an interesting thread here....