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    Reseller and credit cards

    I didn't know where to post so I posted here.
    1st Question:
    I want to start out as a reseller and also want to be able to accept credit cards for payment for my resold domains.
    So I need to be able to charge for setup fees and monthly fees.
    What is the best solution for me?
    I can't get a merchant account for now.

    2nd Question: What happens if I want to charge payment in different currencies?

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    Since you can't get a merchant account I would suggest going with a third party processor instead, for now. There are a number of them out there, but you limited your selection when you asked about multi-currency.

    Off the top of my head right now two 3rd party providers that allow for multi-currency is (actually I think you get a merchant account with them) and

    To your success,

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