Pricing Set for First Linux Offer
I have officially set the pricing for the new Linux servers that will be available in EARLY November.


512 MB RAM (Max available)
2 x 40 GB Hard Drives (NOT Raid)
Remote Reboot Port

Dedicated 10 MB Connection via LCRP Program.

Monthly $229.
Set Up $250

This pricing is guaranteed for the first 70 units only. We will be emailing current customers about 24 hours prior to the launch with the exact date and time that the servers will become available.

Also, the above pricing may change after launch. If the price goes up (max range up to $299), your pricing will be fixed as long as you are under the LCRP. If the pricing goes down, we will change you rate when the new price becomes effective.

I am working to bring the cost down to the lowest point that Rackshack can make a positive net margin. YOu can be assured that as we drive our networking cost down, we'll work to make our new services as affordable as possible.

Thanks for your support!!!!!

Robert Marsh
Head Surfer
That' one heck of a deal. I wonder how good support is going to be. Just from reading discussions around the place over this year I hear that it took them some time to get their support staff up to speed with RAQ (no firsthand experience only hearsay).