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    Questions about Payment Gateway / Online Merchants

    1. Do any support more then one card?
    Visa, MasterCard and Aemerican Express.

    2a. Do they supply you software... what I'm
    looking for is a Merchant I can
    interface with PHP.

    2b. Which Merchants have PHP support?

    3. Is there anything I should be conerned about
    considering I'm in Canada

    4. How do I receive payment? direct deposit into
    my account? cheque?

    Thank you inadvance

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    Hi Jason,

    I would imagine that most payment gateways would interface well with PHP without any problems.

    I would check out They can provide you with a merchant account at a low cost. All that's needed is a US bank account and they can help you get one of those too. They have a high acceptance rate from what I hear they never turned down anyone yet. Money would be moved from your merchant account right into your US banking account that would be setup for you. I'm sure they can set you up to accept other credit cards like American Express and Discover, if you need to, it will be at an added cost of course.

    If you go with a 3rd Party Processor such as you may have some problems with PHP integration, honestly, I really don't know. But for getting a real merchant account I see no problems at all.

    To your success,

    Jim Conley II
    Your Payment Acceptance Expert
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