a website that has multiple form inputs?

let me illustrate.

agile webdev outlines an admin page and a store page. the admin page enters one thing - products. there is an admin controller and there is a products model and there is an admin view. makes sense.

i have an app up and running in php. i have a similar admin page, except i call it maintenance. instead of updating a single item, i have a menu of items to update. let's say - customer, product, employee.

in php, i just have 3 logic pages (eg, customer.php) and 3 templates (maintenance/customer.tpl.php). of course, i have a side menu that links to these pages. this is easy to wrap one's mind around.

how does RoR handle this kind of scenario? i doubt more than one controller would be used - otherwise my php app would have the motherload of controllers because the maintenance functionality doesn't touch the surface of the apps capability.

i'd like to port the app over to RoR so i can better learn RoR. i'm up to the shopping cart portion of RoR, but i haven't been able to grasp how this might be done. my guess is that multiple views have to be mapped to a "maintenance" controller and there would be different methods to do the different db deeds.

can anyone elaborate how this should be done?