First off, please understand I know very little about hardware, servers, and server administration.

I moved from a VPS with dreamhost to my own dedicated server 3 years ago. I've thus been with ServerMatrix (ThePlanet) for 3 years.

I've had the Super Celeron 2.4 package the entire time. However, I am finally starting to push the limits of the server, and want to upgrade now while I still have time and can arrange things better (as opposed to a last-minute emergency upgrade).

So I looked at ThePlanet's Super Xeon package, and fired off a support ticket to them asking how much it'd be to get them to move/transfer my server configuration and files to an upgraded server.

You see, my server is very custom-built - my friend helped me (well he did virtually all of it) set it up from scratch, and we didn't have CPanel so everything was done via SSH/console; later he had installed Webmin, but that is like comparing a Pinto to a Porsche.

We've managed to run this server this way for 3 years decently well - however, it makes transfering it much more difficult (I presume) as it's very custom built and doesn't have CPanel installed.

It is of the utmost importance that my server is transferred/upgraded without any problems. I have 20 sites on my server as it is and I really cannot afford any problems. I'm prepared to accept a minimal downtime of 24 hours or so even though that will really hurt, as long as everything is working perfectly as it was before.

So I ask ThePlanet if they could do this for me. I mention how I'm a 3-year member and have recommended them to my friends, and that I'm now upgrading no less and if they could cut me a break on what it would cost to do this, as I knew that their server admin time was not cheap.

Their reply?:

Thank you for contacting us. We would love to help you with your new server order. The Planet is not able to help you migrate data from one server to another though. If you need configuration work done, we would be happy to help you for administrative time billed at $150 per hour.
$150 an hour? And to a long-time customer noless! And there's no saying how long they will take. Maybe they'll take 10 hours.. that's $1150! Hey, I'm not rich here...

So, I therefore ask you guys, what should I do? I'm considering going to another company and getting somebody to 'somehow' transfer my old server to my new and then when that's done, leaving ThePlanet.

Or I'll maybe just purchase another Super Celeron 2.4 at ThePlanet and use it for MySQL and Mail, as my friend suggested. That would make transferring things a bit easier; although not all that easy as we'd have to hand change all the gazillions of scripts to point MySQL to the new server.

Anyhow, what do you guys suggest?