hello everyone
if i just use
it works fine but as soon as i try to check it the array ( $result ) is there is throws up an obscure error
Parse error: parse error in c:\apache\htdocs\bar.php on line 119

the following is line 118/119
which as you can see has no php in it and isnt even in an area that the php should parse

<a class="barLink" href="#" onMouseOver="window.status='[ Check out where you stand and the top 50 ]';return true;" onMouseOut="window.status='';return true;">Rankings</a><br>

and the following is the php i am using
no php is used on the bar.php except getting sessions
the session works fine on the other pages included but its throwing up that weird error
anyone got any ideas?
if( !$result ){
function cookies_invalid()