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Thread: Template system

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    Template system

    I created a template system to market to my companies incoming clients that creates a template with their custom text and some other features...

    I have signed up quite a few people for templates but alot of them are wanting better text manipulation functions. As in...when they go to their "admin" area and want to edit text for one of their pages they want to be able to make text bold, italic some want to change colors and stuff like that...

    The only original "HTML" support i had in the text was it would change a complete URL into a hyperlink and the same with e-mail addresses..

    Does anyone know a good way to put in the extra support as I mentioned above? I see that this bulletin board uses java it looks like to add in b/i/u would this be the best way?
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    I would post this in the client side forum as you can use IE and JavaScript to make what you might call a simple text editor where, for example if you make something bold it actually appears bold in the textbox

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