I'm trying to test for bad routes. For example, I have the route:

    map.connect ':platform_filter/:software/:version/:platform',
  	:controller => 'user/version',	
  	:platform_filter => /all/,
  	:platform => /windows|macintosh|unix|linux/,
  	:action => 'show'
If someone punches in the following url, everything works magically:



However, if someone punches in: somehost.com/all/matlab/r2006a/crap
the above mapping will fail and my page_not_found mapping catches it

    map.connect '*anything',
  	:controller => 'user/home_page',
  	:action => 'page_not_found'

So here is my question, in my test, I want to confirm that if the above "bogus" url
gets punched in, the default route is the one that is matched. I've checked assert_generates(), assert_recognizes(), and assert_routing(). None of these seem to be able to test for this. If anyone can help that would be awesome.