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    Online Text Game with RoR

    Hi all.

    I'm a text game developer (browser based), I've been doing this for a couple of years with PHP/MySQL now.

    Some time ago I wanted to do a complete upgrade for one game, I wanted to go fully object oriented. First thing that popped up in my mind was PHP5, since it had way better support for OOP.

    After some digging I had found out RoR is much better, yes yes I was convinced pretty quickly by just looking at some code snippets, the simplicity of it is quite neat I must say.

    But now here I am, a PHP coder, with not all that much experience of OOP, wanting to go full on with RoR for the game. No worries, I've already ordered the book Agile Web Dev with Rails, since I guessed that should be a good starting point.

    There's a lot of stuff involved when it comes to text game development.
    - User control (ban users, action logs)
    - Auth system (from login to logout, sessions, validation)
    - Admin system (tweak game rates, formulas)

    Is there anything that can help me out with all of that stuff? I've got no clue of where to start, other than the book I've ordered. Is there any stuff out there, libs, tuts, or whatever, than can guide me through the process of making the switch to RoR for text game development? ie. are there auth systems out there? How to get it to work with MySQL the quick way? Are there any good code snippets for some quick calcs with RoR? etc, etc...

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Check out the screencasts and tutorial links over at That is how I learned. If you haven't learned Ruby yet, just google "Ruby Tutorial" and you'll be up and running in no time. I also came form a PHP background. I learned Ruby in 3 days.
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