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    I've got a lot of questions today ...

    AS well as

    I've got another question ...

    Got three forms

    Step 1 - Add data (uses select boxes but only one value is allowed - adds data to mysql table)

    Step 2 - Select data to edit (HTML table showing mysql table data, radio button that allows you to choose what item you wish to edit

    Step 3 - Edit data, using data passed in by number 2 you can edit a row in the database

    In Step 1 I ask for example what section the news article should go in, using a drop down list ... user selects Latest News with a value of 4

    In Step 2, I select this and pass the data into Step 3

    In Step 3, I want to display the same drop down list - but the selected item should default to the value (in this case 4) and display the correct thing (ie Latest News)
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