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    I've got a lot of questions today ...

    AS well as

    I've got another question ...

    Got three forms

    Step 1 - Add data (uses select boxes but only one value is allowed - adds data to mysql table)

    Step 2 - Select data to edit (HTML table showing mysql table data, radio button that allows you to choose what item you wish to edit

    Step 3 - Edit data, using data passed in by number 2 you can edit a row in the database

    In Step 1 I ask for example what section the news article should go in, using a drop down list ... user selects Latest News with a value of 4

    In Step 2, I select this and pass the data into Step 3

    In Step 3, I want to display the same drop down list - but the selected item should default to the value (in this case 4) and display the correct thing (ie Latest News)
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    I've seen your issue about select box defaulting to the selected item somewhere on the net and the person solved it with little bit of Perl. If you search on something like "select option php automatic" you should come across this site.

    Good luck!


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