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Thread: Help plz Urgent

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    Help plz Urgent

    Yesterday I installed a bandwidth recording function to use mod_rewrite to pipe all of the images through a simple php script which simply goes into the database to update the views details.

    This however ended up in disaster when my host pulled it down due to causing a load average of over 60 to 100 Yep, php scripts don't work that well.

    I'm left with either (1) getting a powerful dedicated to run these php scripts which I never want to do since it'll cost a fortune or (2) program something that does the same task in another programming language so that it won't cause such high serverloads.

    Right now I'm wanting to go with programming a module that will work along side the web server to record all this data. But I'm not a linux programmer and know nothing about it. I'm thinking a module something like a elaboration of mod_bandwidth which works along apache or lighttpd but get it to record bandwidth data for every file not for the whole domain.

    Any help will be appreciated! I'm not asking for someone to do it all for me, even the most little tip I can get is worth posting here.
    Thanks everyone!
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    You'd probably get more help if you had chosen a little bit more descriptive thread title.


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