hi all,

Our client has certain requirements:

1. Searching through the PDF files on their webserver and additionally other popular file formats e.g. DOC, TXT etc... besides offcourse HTML and PHP files.

i want to know which is the best search engine available for this purpose? The search engine should be enterprise ready.
2. Converting the web page to PDF format on the fly.
Basically a user will be viewing the reports on the web page, dynamically generated by PHP from the MySQL database, where the user will have the option to download them to their computer in PDF format.

which is the best php software/component available for this purpose?

Both of the software mentioned above should be easy to learn and implement and should be meant for a medium-big enterprises.

The platform will be as follows:
O.S. : Windows 2000/XP
Web Server : Apache
Server-side language : PHP

I would really appreciate any info in this direction as to which is the best softwares/components (Commercial or freeware) available for both the purposes as mentioned above.

Thank you