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    Netscape Problems With CSS

    Hi all i am having trouble usin css coz netscape is not supporting it ! & When i include css file in html
    & apply styles in different tags it shows different result so plz kindly help me out wat to do

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    um.. well there is lots that you can do usnig css aswell I suggest maybe that you check this out

    I ahven't had a chance to look through all of this but bewarned there is HEAPS of information here, and its worth looking through it all - I still have not finished reading everything..

    and if that doesn't help then maybe you could actually give us more information. ie which part of the css are you having problems with? Is it tables etc etc

    That way we should be able to give you more of an idea. But remember that it doesn't have to look exactly the same in older versions of NS just as long as its readable and usable.

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