Hi all PHP experts,

We are trying to change some PHP codes from a site we recently acquired, but we are no PHP experts and have come across a problem, which should be simple to solve for experienced PHP coders.

Like most sites, our index.php "pulls" the header.php and footer.php....

> We are trying to add in our adsense codes in the header.php but when we do, and upload the changes, the index.php cannot load the header (we can see the background image but nothing else loads in the page). Nb. all we did was paste in the adsense codes into the header.php

> So, we thought that maybe we have added the wrong codes, so we tried downloading the header.php file and then re-uploading it WITHOUT any changes... but the same problem happened again.


1) Is this happening because of some root access privalege problem or,

2) Some binary format problem

3) Or, is there a simple reason why this is happening...

Thanks for all feedback.

Nb. Our hosting is on PLESK.