Good day all,

I am a pretty new puppy to PHP, although I have a reasonable amount of knowledge to help myself around the platform.

I ran into a problem a few days ago, and I had absolutely no idea what needs to be done. Maybe there is someone clever enough to help me with this situation.

Here goes...
Let's say that I have a form which captures a name, email, etc. This data then gets stored in a table with corresponding fields. I want a small script which will check the values of a field every hour and then use an if statement to execute an action. This will be mainly used for emailing users.

In other words...if a user orders the product, there will be a field with the name 'order' and its value will be 'yes' / 'true' for that user. If a user has not yet ordered the prodcuct, the default value will still be there which is 'no' / 'false'. The script will email all users with the value 'no' / 'false'.

I was thinking that this can be done with Cronjobs if one has Curl installed on your server. I really don't know how to do this. (what command do I use?)

Thank You.
I hope that someone can assist me with this.

Best Regards,