Hello sitepoint community:

this is a post to anyone interested in taking a look at a good news script (free & open source): FlexPhpNews, very customizable and with good features but unfortunately no update has been made to the code by the original author in over 3 years..

It would be good if some programmer or coder could take a look at the script and made some sugestions, modifications and updates to the code, because many security advisories have been released for flexphpnews & flexphpnewspro but no patches have been made.

Script Name: Flexphpnews and FlexphpnewsPro
Requierements: PHP & MYSQL

URL of the project: http://www.china-on-site.com/flexphpnews/

URL of the download (flexphpnewspro version 0.0.4): http://www.china-on-site.com/flexphp...pnewsproen.zip

I have been making some minor modifications to the code in the past with the help of some people around sitepoint forums. Some say that the script has horrible coding and is kinda old, etc.

Please take a look and discuss it here.



PS: If this post is best suited to "Scripts and online services" please move it.