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    Pulling values from a different frame

    I have an application where the left frame contains a list of dynamically built checkbox items from a database. I've put this in a frame because I don't want to rebuild the list each time I update the right frame.

    The right frame contains a data entry form with freeform text.

    When I submit the form in the right frame, I want to also grab the selected checkboxes from the left frame and store these selections in the database as well.

    Any ideas?

    Should I load the variable list into an array variable and just keep it in the same frame as the data entry form, redisplaying the list with each form update?



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    I'm afraid you would have to do that. I do not know anything about cross-frames form elements...
    If you want to save processing time on that checkbox list, use a little cache system.

    Maybe there's some javascript to help you, but I know nicht about javascript


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