my question is that i have to let the user to input chinese characters from the text box through ajax request and then save in database.
when i trying to save the data into database, it save all the chinese characters in a series of question marks(??????). this thing is happen when i use GET method in my ajax request.

after few attempt, i try to use POST method in the ajax request and it seem can save the chinese characters. but.....now the problem is....when i type in "午 安GOOD AFTERNOON" tis two words, it trim my space between this two words and save the 午安 (GOODAFTERNOON) (without space) into database. chinese or english characters also same..(i didnt put in any triming space code)

can anyone tell me that what is this problem and how to solve it? plz help.

p/s: using asp + ajax

please help
thanks in advance