As a spin off from a recent thread I made, I decided to learn some programming languages to improve my skills portfolio in my holidays. However, having no programming experience (well little in Lingo and VB if you can count this), I need some recommendations on good books to buy that cover all concepts and also for a new programmer with no experience (best to start from square 1).

Also, people say that books do not teach you important general concepts, so should I buy a non-language specific programming book (ie one that covers programming as a general topic)?

The skills I would like to learn are:

C#: Beginning Visual C# 2005 with Sams Teach Yourself Visual Studio.NET in 21 Days (Sams Teach Yourself S.) and Sams Teach Yourself C# in 21 days
Python: Learning Python
Java: Learning Java/Java in a nutshell
Unix: Sams Teach Yourself Unix in 24 hrs and/or Unix for dummies?
Javascript: Not sure, there seems to be several very good books on this.

These skills are what the jobs I am interested in going into require, and what I do not know. I prefer using books to ebooks as it is nicer to have a physical book in front of me which I can annotate, and most books come with CDs with source code and other stuff. Finally, will I need any books on maths or stats?