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    100% Liquid Layout with shadowed page borders?

    Here is the problem, I want to create a liquid layout which has shadowed+curved page borders ala This is straightforward to do with a fixed width layout like - but I've struggled to get it working using relative positioning and percentage sizing.

    Can anyone suggest a good way of going about this or link to any examples? What I last tried was doing a 4 column layout and having the two outer columns set to 5% with a shadow backgrorund, the trouble is this doesn't stretch down the entire page?

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    What you'd want to do is basically use the rounded corner techniques - find things that you can attach the four rounded corners to as background images.

    For example, the footer could have one as a background (say left, bottom) and if you have a copyright notice floated to the right of the footer, then you could attach the right hand bottom corner to that using a span.

    If you want the footer to have the shadowed bottom then you could have that as the main background - repeated horizontally and attach the left and right hand corners to stuff within the footer - if that makes any sense.

    Just do the same with the header.

    It's a bit fiddly but do-able.
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