I have a couple places in my PHP app where I would love to replace long drop down menus with a text field that has some autocomplete help. I have tried it out and it works great, but I have two problems.

First, is including the scriptaculous.js supposed to auto include the other files? I couldn't get my demo to work until I included the controls and effects files as well.

Second, this is the down side of the text field vs the drop down I think. Let's say I want to pull up a list of users in the system. Now because the users are actually identified by a unique ID field instead of the string of First Name, Last Name the drop down was easy to set the value to the integer ID while the drop down read a nice string name.

Is there some way for the text field in auto complete to show a string to the user, yet submit a different value tied to it (such as a int ID identifier) in the POST to the next page?

Thanks for the ideas/help.