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    Changing cell contents using innerHTML

    I've tried using the innerHTML property to change the contents of a cell in a table on the fly. I believe this is valid (as opposed to trying to add / delete rows / columns etc. in a table with innerHTML)

    The content of the cell is a java applet with revised parameters each time the innerHTML property is updated. I re-write the entire <applet>....</applet> each time.

    This works OK with IE4, but not IE5.5.

    With IE5.5, immediately the page is loaded the default grey box (where the java applet is positioned) is shown. I know that something is happening because I have a 10 second timer (at which point the <applet>...</applet> is updated) and I if change the applet's screen size at the update point, the size of the grey box changes - so the applet is being invoked and (some of) the parameters are being effected.

    With NN6, it starts OK, but then I soon get a Java Plug-in Exception and the process hangs.

    Any suggestions?

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    could you post the code? That would help alot.

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    You asked for it:

    <body onLoad="banner_scroll()">
    var scroll_items=3;
    var b1 = new Array(scroll_items);
    var scroll_1 = 0;
    var scroll_2 = 1;
    var scroll_3 = 2;
    b1[0] = '<applet code="finedots.class" width=180 height=30 align="absmiddle">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=regcode value="0">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=info value="Applet by Gokhan Dagli,">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=text1 value="A & C for">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=font1 value="Arial,1,18">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=color1 value="CC00CC,000099">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=link1 value="../../home/decor.html" >'
    b1[0] += '<param name="status_bar_msg1" value="profiles">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=text2 value="Flooring">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=font2 value="Arial,1,18">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=color2 value="CC00CC,000099">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=link2 value="../../home/decor.html">'
    b1[0] += '<param name="status_bar_msg2" value="profiles">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=text3 value="Curtains">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=font3 value="Arial,1,18">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=color3 value="CC00CC,000099">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=link3 value="../../home/decor.html">'
    b1[0] += '<param name="status_bar_msg3" value="profiles">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=text4 value="Wallpaper">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=font4 value="Arial,1,18">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=color4 value="CC00CC,000099">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=link4 value="../../home/decor.html">'
    b1[0] += '<param name="status_bar_msg3" value="profiles">'
    b1[0] += '<param name="transition_delay" value="50">'
    b1[0] += '<param name="delay" value="1900">'
    b1[0] += '<param name="step_count" value="15">'
    b1[0] += '<param name="text_align" value="center">' 
    b1[0] += '<param name="text_valign" value="center">'
    b1[0] += '<param name="xoffset" value="0">'
    b1[0] += '<param name="yoffset" value="0">'
    b1[0] += '<param name="yspace" value="0">'
    b1[0] += '<param name=target_frame value="cars_r_b">'
    b1[0] += '</applet>'
    b1[1] = '<APPLET code="Dotz.class" archive="dotz.jar" width=220 height=30 align="absmiddle">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="cabbase" value="">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="bgcolor" value="003F7F">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="fontimage" value="dotfont.gif,000000,82,2">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="dotstyle" value="default">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="item0" value="Computer">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="color0" value="FF0000">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="link0" value="../../home/computer_serv.html">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="target0" value="cars_r_b">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="item1" value="  Help">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="color1" value="FF0000">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="link1" value="../../home/computer_serv.html">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="target1" value="cars_r_b">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="item2" value="<item0> <item1>">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="color2" value="FF00CC">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="link2" value="../../home/computer_serv.html">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="target2" value="cars_r_b">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="item3" value="Fixed Fees">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="color3" value="gradient,FFFF00,FF0000">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="link3" value="../../home/computer_serv.html">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="target3" value="cars_r_b">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="item4" value="No Fix=No Charge">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="color4" value="gradient,007FFF,FFFFFF">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="link4" value="../../home/computer_serv.html">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="target4" value="cars_r_b">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="animation0" value="enter,top,<item0>,20&enter,bottom,<item1>,20">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="animation1" value="<item2>,60">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="animation2" value="morph,<item2>,<item3>,20">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="animation3" value="<item3>,60">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="animation4" value="sweep,out,<item3>,20:sweep,in,<item4>,20">'
    b1[1] += '<PARAM name="animation5" value="<item4>,60:twirl,out,<item4>,20:delay,30">'
    b1[1] += '</APPLET>'
    b1[2] = '<APPLET code="VisualScrollFx.class" width=180 height=30 align="absmiddle">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="msg#" value="3">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="enter0" value="fade,5">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="text0" value="TAN  XS">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="shadow0" value="bottomleft,white,1">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="color0" value="red">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="highlight0" value="blue">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="border0" value="blue">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="font0" value="Arial,Bold,18">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="speed0" value="7">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="wait0" value="800">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="exit0" value="left">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="url0" value="../../home/beauty.html,cars_r_b">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="enter1" value="down">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="text1" value="Tanning">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="shadow1" value="bottomleft,white,1">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="color1" value="red">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="highlight1" value="blue">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="border1" value="blue">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="font1" value="Arial,bold,18">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="speed1" value="15">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="wait1" value="800">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="exit1" value="down">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="enter2" value="left">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="url1" value="../../home/beauty.html,cars_r_b">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="text2" value="& Nail Studio">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="shadow2" value="bottomleft,white,1">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="color2" value="red">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="border2" value="blue">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="highlight2" value="blue">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="font2" value="Arial,bold,18">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="speed2" value="7">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="wait2" value="800">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="exit2" value="fade,7">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="url2" value="../../home/beauty.html,cars_r_b">'
    b1[2] += '<PARAM name="bgcolor" value="black">'
    b1[2] += '</APPLET>'
    function banner_scroll()
    if (!document.all)
    scroll_1 = scroll_2
    scroll_2 = scroll_3
    scroll_3 ++
    if (scroll_3 >= scroll_items)
    	{scroll_3 = 0}
    setTimeout('banner_scroll()', 10000)
    <div align="center">
      <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
        <td ID="ban_1" width="31%" valign="middle" align="center">
        <td ID="ban_2" width="37%" valign="middle" align="center">
        <td ID="ban_3" width="31%" valign="middle" align="center">

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    Has anybody got any ideas?


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