I've tried using the innerHTML property to change the contents of a cell in a table on the fly. I believe this is valid (as opposed to trying to add / delete rows / columns etc. in a table with innerHTML)

The content of the cell is a java applet with revised parameters each time the innerHTML property is updated. I re-write the entire <applet>....</applet> each time.

This works OK with IE4, but not IE5.5.

With IE5.5, immediately the page is loaded the default grey box (where the java applet is positioned) is shown. I know that something is happening because I have a 10 second timer (at which point the <applet>...</applet> is updated) and I if change the applet's screen size at the update point, the size of the grey box changes - so the applet is being invoked and (some of) the parameters are being effected.

With NN6, it starts OK, but then I soon get a Java Plug-in Exception and the process hangs.

Any suggestions?