Here's the e-mail I got:

We Want YOU...To Generate MORE Signups!

During these tough economic times many online advertising companies are
cutting corners just to stay afloat. What Focalex has always known is
that good business practices and dedication to our affiliates is the best
way to over come a recession. That is why Focalex has increased the
affiliate payrate to $0.40 for all affiliates. In addition to our
dedicated affiliate support, great affiliate resources, and high
confirmation rates; Focalex now offers one of the top payrates of all
affiliate programs on the internet. We hope affiliates will take
advantage of this great rate to earn even more money with our program.

The new $0.40 rate has already taken effect so keep those signups
coming. Make some extra money in time for the always expensive holiday
season. It's just a few months away!
I always thought it was $.40?