First a confession, I知 not a programmer, at least not in the last 10 years or so. I do read many of the books both PHP and recently Rails, just so I am aware of what the tools are capable of. I am a manager of a small development company with a couple of web developers. We have been using PHP for almost everything but as a manager I have a question. It seem like every time I have a PHP programmer look at program written by another programmer the style is so completely different. Custom built libraries, database wrappers vs. native calls, templates vs. no templates, OOP vs. procedural etc. etc. In many cases it is too expensive to make any changes to the application because getting to know the code base takes too long.
Based on my reading of the Rails book it looks like Rails may impose enough structure that the number two programmer may make changes to an existing program with a lot less study time than for a typical PHP program.
Do you think this is true? If it is true I will encourage my guys to migrate over to Rails even though I expect a productivity slowdown during the learning curve.