Hi guys

I am running a chat script in www.englishparis.com. Basically I took a very basic script from the net, and developed it to how it is now. However, I am having quite a lot of bugs.

Can I ask you, how much you will ask me if I want you to debug the full sctipt (its one page ajax/javascript + one page php, and the bugs are in the first page). You can give me your quote and I could see if I can afford that.

Besides, I was also thinking another thing. That since there is not too many php-ajax open source chat present in the net at present, may be, by working together we could develop soemthing, put it as an open sourced one, or try selling it to online community for a small sum (like flash chat, for example).

Thanks for letting me know if anyone is interested in any of the two propositions.