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    Meta tag help please

    I am trying to improve my meta tags to get more traffic to my site can someone please edit my tags for me to improve my web stats ,i followed the advise given at to get this far,any help would be appreciated greatly:

    <title>Watch amusing,funny mpeg,shocking,video clips,download mpeg videos,funny mpeg movies,cartoons,and tv adverts.</title>

    <meta name="description" content="Watch funny,amazing,shocking realmedia mpeg video clips under 20 seconds using Realplayer.Upload and download photos,mpeg,avi,quicktime,Windows Media Player to gallery.">

    <meta name="keywords" content="funny mpeg,shocking mpeg,download mpeg,amusing mpeg,mpeg,funny,download,weird,wacky,amazing,amusing,shocking,funny amusing video,funny download,video clips,funny video clips,download video clips,download shocking accidents,realplayer,shocking movies,fun,comedy,grotesque,rotten,realmedia,streaming,computer,accidents,cartoons,tv,television,adverts,rm,avi,quicktime,video,videos,movie,movies,real,macromedia,photo,photo`s,photographs,embedded,media,upload,email,emails,attachments,film,films">

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
    <meta name="Author" content="Stephen Wilkinson">
    <meta name="distribution" content="Global">
    <meta name="reply-to" content="">
    <meta name="copyright" content="Emailfilms">
    <meta name="homepage" content="">
    <meta name="linkpage" content="http://www.emailfilms/links.htm">
    <meta name="rating" content="General">
    <meta name="revisit" content="30 days">
    <meta name="revisit-after" content="30 days">
    <meta name="Content-Language" content="english">
    <meta name="audience" content="all">
    <meta name="robots" content="index,all">
    <meta name="owner" content="Emailfilms">
    <meta name="reply to" content="">

    Regards Steve.[URL=]

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    Not sure what you want doing here Steve - nobody is going to do the work for you. Other things you can look at to improve your ranking are <!-- comments --> reflecting your keywords, <img alt="keyword"> and simply getting lots of links TO your site from related ones.

    Meta Tags are a small part of what makes up a successfully ranking site. There are many other issues to consider. Be very careful when getting too keen to implement ideas as there can be a fine line between a "well optimised" page and "search engine spam" - the latter will get you rejected altogether.

    More more help and advice, check out our search engine wars forum, or have a look at the promotion base area.


    ps: Good Luck!
    - hint: change your sig to
    <url=>E-mail films=</url> (replacing < with [)
    and you'll be stepping
    in the right direction
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