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    Jane Kohner
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    Paul Boag of Headscape led me to this fine article. I'm web person for a 50-member church and got a real attitude adjustment when a 72-year-old friend hit our link (mailto:) prayer-request link and thought our website dove into her personal mail. She is smart enough to sue us out of the water, if she desired. I literally only calmed her with my promise of no account compromise. No analogy I tried made sense to her! As with anything else, your design is driven by your target audiance. As a church, a lot of the older generation is more into church then the younger set. This woman also tries to link to my personal blog by pasting the link into the "to" box in her mail program. I am grateful to the author of this article and Mr. Boag for helping me through an incident that quite frankly scared the hell out of me. I have low vision and for me, contrast is king!

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    Hal Nolen
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    I believe that all of the recommendations are valid, for the site(s) being evaluated.

    As with all site usability testing, it's geared toward the site in question. In this case, government sites somewhere in the UK.

    I have the privilege to design sites in the US for government agencies, businesses and churches and have found each audience is different in needs and expectations.

    One fact remains, in the UK and the rest of the world is that our population is getting older and getting on line more. We, as web site designers have to keep them in mind.

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    Jason Wright
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    Some of these issues may be obsolete for the next generation of the wise. The internet is somewhat new to most elderly today. There's a huge learning curve when you havenít grown up with it. In 20 Years from now the 60-70 year olds will be far slicker.

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    I was fascinated by this article, as I was bought a PC - against my will - when age 60, and instantly loved it. I know scads of 35-40s who don't get on with it at all, and my 10-year-old grandchild is a reluctant user. Been writing websites for a while but struggling to figure out the hacks to make css for layout work cross-browser, so am still stuck in tables.

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    Roger Miles
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    Interesting. I do a bit of computer teaching for a charity. My students are 65 plus. I am now just about to embark on redesigning their website. I am an amatuer designer.

    I am on the lookout for articles such as this because I want to get the form of the web page right and the content arranged in a manner which keeps an older persons interest.

    I do have a logon to this site but its gone wrong and I'm refused entry, so I can't get a email if further stuff is added here. But if anyone knows of other sources of this sort of information I would be very grateful to hear bout them barley<dot>twist2<at>btinternet<dot>com (UK).


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    Ryan Marshall
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    Some good points, something we should all think about.

    As another user commented some of these issues will go away as the current generation gets older. Many of them will become issues to the current generation however, all of us will suffer some loss of vision in our old age.

    The fact is more retired people and those less mobile in their later years, will be using the net more and more. Ignoring this can result in loss of profit (for e-commerce) sites and lack of interest.


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