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auricle, I haven't suggested OO aproach, because hisham777 is a beginner. He would be confused to jump into OO right from the beginning. From my experience, people have hard time to go straight with classes if they haven't programmed before. I'm not sure if hisham777 programmed before, but from what I've seen, I would say no. He is having hard times to get along with things I have posted, although he is a great student so far and quick learner.

Also, OO aproach on very simple systems like the one hi is building is in qustion.
thanks jelena for the consideration, its true i never programmed before
exept for C++, and it was just introductions if you know what i mean
(input, output, control statment(if, else, while and for)) and simple understanding of pointers, as will as the basic use of functions,
then i stoped for almost 1 year and a half,
i got an internet connection last year, reading online about almost everything, webdevelopment, buissnes, name it exept politics
so i saw my self really behind in IT industry (am an IT student).

so a started from then.
reading about OS (windows, Linux)
business and IT (ecommers)
now am into webdevelopment (and i like it).

in general i support open sorce, i like anything realated to open source.

so my first chose was PHP and Mysql.
i almost gave up
i moved to HTML\xHTML the CSS2 (i love it)

now am back to PHP and MYSQL (wish me luck)

then may be a bit of Java Script

then to OO with PHP
so i hope i can achive this before i gratuate which is by year end.