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    Tracking script.

    My vote for best site logging/tracking/statistics script goes to Advance Logger by

    I'd been searching for ages for a free script to provide me with comprehensive and useful tracking and statistics for my site, and as soon as I found Advance Logger my search was over.

    The free version is fully functional, and it is the version that I use. Because it is advertiser supported, there are no limitations to the functionality.

    I can get a good idea of page views, and even track vertain visitor's paths through the site. It supports the usual: entry pages, referrers, exit pages, summary, etc.

    The only thing I would like to have that the free version doesn't yet have is a summary of the visitor's browser resolution. It current has this feature per-visitor, but does not yet display totals.

    It's a perl script, and it is a bit slow to view. It runs in real time and the logfile is small. It is cleaned and cached automatically. The logger module itself is quite simple and I imagine it would not be hard to rewrite it in PHP if server load was a huge problem.

    This is great for webmasters of sites < 1000 uniques per day.

    Any other comments? What alternatives have you tried? I tried AXS script too, but have not spent much time testing it. Ease of use in AXS isn't as straightforward, but it looks very powerful.
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    ODtrack is good and fast coz it uses PHP.

    No database and U can name the track-link instead of the full URL that U r tracking. So everything looks neat.


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