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Thread: IPB Warning

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    Question IPB Warning

    SQL error: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)
    SQL error code:
    Date: Monday 13th of March 2006 06:58:36 PM

    And on another different but related site.

    MySQL Connection Error at 42. Please contact an administrator.

    Is this an error on my local machine or is it something on their server? I have checked to see if I have the file in question '/tmp/mysql.sock' and I do not. So it must be their's I would assume. I also looked into IPB and it is apparently like a 'mother hen' program that does the little tedious chores that are always there on a large user server.

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    does someone run your webserver for you, or do you run your own server? if someone runs it for you, i suggest you talk to them. if you've absolutely not changed anything, then it's probably only something they can fix.


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